Tutoring for TRIO

On a large campus like ours, tutoring and mentoring are unique ways of interacting with students. It is not often that undergraduates get the chance to build a personal relationship with peers who are specifically concerned about their development as participants in this academic community.

Not only are tutoring and mentoring unique at KU, they are also activities that have proven themselves as positive ways to assist learning. Three main factors make tutoring and mentoring effective:

  1. Tutoring and mentoring establish positive bonds that students can draw from when interacting with fellow students, with university faculty and staff, and with future employers.
  2. Collaborative relationships focus on how a student functions as a student, both socially and academically. Students and their tutors and mentors work together toward specific, measurable goals with shared commitment.
  3. Peer tutoring outside of our Math Drop-in resource center are one-on-one relationships. Often other teaching/learning formats are ineffective because group settings include numerous distractions and may not address individual difference in learning styles.