The TRIO Grant has been designed to financially assist TRIO Student Support Services/STEM participants who are Federal Pell Grant recipients.  The intention of the grant is to reduce the amount of indebtedness of participants with limited income. If you are selected to receive the award, you will be notified and will receive your grant the spring of 2019.
You qualify for the TRIO Grant if:
  • You completed an application and signed a TRIO SES/STEM participant agreement for the 2018-2019 academic year by the priority deadline. The priority deadline for this year is November 1, 2018.
  • You are an active TRIO SES/STEM participant: You have been accepted to receive services from the SES/STEM program and are in compliance with the SES/STEM Student Participation Agreement you have signed.
  • You have maintained your status as an active participant during the fall semester and have signed a re-application/update form for the spring semester. 
  • You are a federal Pell grant recipient. Please note that rather than merely qualifying for Pell, you must actually be a recipient.
  • You are a current KU student “making satisfactory progress toward graduation” as defined by Financial Aid and Scholarships. Note: In most cases, this means that the student has at least 2.0 GPA (although some students on probation might also qualify) and that the student is enrolled in at least 12 hours.
  • You have a “gap” between the cost of attending KU and the amount of financial aid you have received for the year in which you are applying for the TRIO grant as determined by Financial Aid and Scholarships. 


  • The “gap” must be equal to or higher than the minimum amount of Pell grant for a full-time student appropriated for that year. Example: If the minimum appropriation for Pell is $600, your “gap” should be at least $600. 

TRIO grants cannot exceed your student financial aid “gap.” Example: If your “gap” is $1,000, the amount of your TRIO grant must not exceed $1,000. 

Please note that: 
Freshmen and sophomores have priority. 
Awards depend on the availability of funds from several sources (including the federal government, KU offices, and Student Senate), the date of application for the TRIO grant, your participation status, and the amount of federal Pell grant for that specific year.  TRIO SES/STEM will make every possible effort to award the TRIO grant as early as possible. Please remember that these funds are limited therefore there will be more applicants than available funds. If you are selected to receive the award, you will be notified and will receive your grant in the spring of 2019. Remember that you cannot apply for the grant until you have been formally accepted into TRIO SES/STEM.
As any other form of federal financial aid, if you withdraw from the university before the end of the spring semester you may have to pay back the amount you have received to Financial Aid and Scholarships.
The amount of the TRIO Grant for the 2018-2019 year has been determined to be $657