About the TRIO Grant:

The TRIO Grant has been designed to financially assist participants who are Federal Pell Grant recipients. The intention of the grant is to reduce the amount of loan indebtedness of participants with limited income.

Freshman and sophomore students are prioritized. Awards depend on multiple factors including the availability of federal funds, the date of application for the TRIO Grant, program participation, amount of Unmet Financial Need as determined by Financial Aid and Scholarships, and the amount of financial aid received.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    • You have signed a TRIO SES & STEM participation agreement for the fall semester in which you complete the TRIO Grant Application.
    • The TRIO Grant Application opens on the first day of classes each fall semester. Students who complete the TRIO Grant Application by the priority deadline (10th week of classes each fall semester) will receive priority consideration.
    • You met the participation requirements outlined in the TRIO SES & STEM participation agreement for the fall semester in which you applied for the TRIO Grant.
    • You are a Federal Pell Grant recipient.
    • You are a current KU student “making satisfactory progress toward graduation” as defined by Financial Aid and Scholarships.
    • You have a “gap” between the cost of attending KU and the amount of financial aid you have received for the year in which you are applying for the TRIO Grant as determined by Financial Aid and Scholarships. The “gap” must be equal to or higher than the minimum amount of Pell Grant for a full-time student appropriated for that year.

    Having Trouble?

    If you are having trouble applying, please follow these steps:

    • Click on the button above or go to
    • Sign In with your KU Online ID and password
      • If this is your first time logging in you may see a page for the “General Application” – please fill out your name and the current date and click “Finish and Submit”.
    • You should see a page that provides scholarship information. Select “Other Recommended Opportunities” on the left hand side of this page to get a list of scholarship applications.
    • Scroll down the list and find the “TRIO Grant Application”.
    • Select “Apply” next to the Application.
    • Fill out the application and be sure to submit when done.

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