TRIO SES & STEM offer a range of individualized academic and personal support services for program participants. At the beginning of each semester, participants meet with a Student Success Specialist (SSS) to assess the student’s individual areas of strength and needs and develop a plan of services to support their goals.

Academic Advising & Course Selection
Students receive academic advising throughout the academic year by their SSS. Students with less than 60 hours in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may use their SSS as their primary advisor for enrollment purposes.
Career Exploration and Planning
Students can receive assistance from their SSS in learning about career opportunities assessing interests, and making career and professional choices. Students can also request help in developing resumes and interview skills.
Financial aid and financial literacy advising
All participants are required to have at least one contact with their SSS related to financial aid and financial literacy. TRIO SES & STEM maintain information on scholarships and financial aid opportunities and work closely with KU Financial Aid and Scholarships to assist students in addressing financial aid issues.
Graduate school advising and preparation
Students can receive assistance from their SSS in choosing graduate or professional programs and submitting applications and financial aid materials for those programs.
TRIO grants for eligible participants
Participants can apply for a TRIO Grant each academic year. Eligibility is based on financial aid information. Funds are provided by the U.S. Department of Education and KU Student Senate.
Personal support and advocacy
Individual peer tutoring
Students may request individual tutors for a maximum of two classes per semester by seeing their SSS. Tutoring sessions are held regularly, usually twice a week per class for 50-mintue sessions.
Drop-in tutoring for math
Students can receive math tutoring on a drop-in basis from graduate or high achieving undergraduate students.
KU Tutor Training
International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) provides professionals with the opportunity to create, improve, and expand tutor and mentor training for a campus’ unique programs.
Professor Contacts
TRIO staff will contact instructors of tutored courses each semester to coordinate efforts aimed at student learning
Support for English Language Learners
Computer lab and printing resources
TRIO students can use the computer lab daily Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. There are also a limited number of laptops and calculators available for check out for two-week periods.
Academic workshops
Students can participate in study skills and other types of workshops offered by TRIO staff.
Cultural activities
Students can participate in TRIO cultural opportunities throughout the year such as Lied Center tickets events, potlucks, and an annual recognition reception.