Student Stories

What do our students have to say?

"It’s a place where you learn to be a well-rounded person. You get experiences in almost everything and get different opportunities through the program. You’re not just a student." Ariel H.

"The support system here, you cannot compare that to anything else." Savannah D.

"TRIO is a safe haven for any student. The people involved with TRIO wish nothing but the best for any student who walks through the door. I know they will go to the ends of the earth if I ever need anything, which is so comforting when you attend a large university." Allison R.

"TRIO has helped motivate me. It is a great program that helps keep students on the right track to earning their degree. I like the friendly staff, tutoring services, and the overall support." Tac L.

"KU has provided me with opportunities that I initially did not think were possible. TRIO SES & STEM provided me tutoring in my first few years of  college. Not only did this help me succeed in my classes, but it introduced me to my mentor." Lauren A.